Shun Arima


Ph.D in Media Design (Keio University,2021)
M.MD (Keio University,2017)
B.A(University of Tsukuba,2015)


“至高の紙を求めて -紙破り演奏家福井周一の挑戦-”
ディスカバ流アワード 発見!となりのサピエンス グランプリ

“どうぞ、良いお年を/best wishes to you”
第4回富士 湖畔の映画祭 スペシャルセレクション部門
第24回学生CGコンテスト エンターテインメント部門ノミネート

“LevioPole Video”
EC2018 ベストビデオ賞

“Pay per Paper”
第27回紙わざ大賞 平和紙業賞


“MetaLimbs Video”
Video Production



"Re-Design Classroom into MOOC-like Content With
Remote Face-to-Face Sessions During the COVID-19 Pandemic:
A Case Study in Graduate School"

Arima, S.; Yasui, M.; and Okawa, K. (2021)
In Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Learning@ Scale (pp. 299-302).

“Daisuke Uriu: Designing for Memorialization, Commemoration, and Remembrance” : Cinematographer/Editor

"Design and Practice of ESD in High School in Japan through Online Video Co-creation Workshop"
Arima, S.; Assilmia, F.; Maekawa, M. and Okawa, K. (2021)
In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Education - Volume 1: CSEDU,
ISBN 978-989-758-502-9; ISSN 2184-5026, pages 640-647.

“トークイベント開催後のお土産サービスTalk clip boxのデザイン"
有馬 俊、佐藤 千尋、大川 恵子(2021)
サービス学会第9回国内大会 口頭発表

古島 海、有馬 俊、佐藤 千尋、山内 正人(2021)
サービス学会第9回国内大会 口頭発表

“Talk Clip Box” : Concept Design


“FutureLearn Methodologies for Service Design” : Line Producer/Video Production

“Tsukumoscope” : Concept Design

“BRIDGE TERMINAl Digest Video” : Director

M50 final video : Construction/Editor

Blockchain Hub PV : Director

“三菱総研50周年記念フォーラム OP/ Intermission/ED” : Director

“三菱総合研究所・熱中小学校共催セミナー「新ワーケーション論」 ダイジェスト” : Construction/Editor

“Plane-Gazing Agorá:
Design for Building a Community at The Airport Observation Deck
Through Photography Activities"

Arima, S., Sato, C., & Yamanouchi, M. (2020, July).
In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 529-537).
Springer, Cham.

“TELESAR VI Promotion Video” : Cinematographer/Editor

“しかくい涙MV” : Director

“片道の夜行バスMV” : Director

"Plane Gazing Agorá Concept Video" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

"Zabuton Concept Video" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“FutureLearn Aging Populations: Lessons In Healthy Aging From Japan ” : B camera


WIMO Final 2019 Highlight (Tokyo, Japan) : Director/Co-Cinematographer/Editor

“KMD FORUM2019 OnAir” : General Director/General Producer

“Enhancing Educators' Social Presence in MOOCs: Design of Daily Video Blog"
Arima, S., Miyakita, G., Yasui, M., & Okawa, K. (2019, October).
In 2019 IEEE Learning With MOOCS, LWMOOCS 2019 (pp. 36-41).
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..
“Exploring digital cultural heritage beyond moocs: Design, use, and efficiency of generous interfaces"
Miyakita, G., Arima, S., Yasui, M., & Okawa, K. (2019, October).
In 2019 IEEE Learning With MOOCS, LWMOOCS 2019 (pp. 42-46).
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..

OWN Concept Video : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

M50 video : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

"HaptipleVideo" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

"JST ACCEL「身体性メディアプロジェクト」成果報告Symposium & Exhibition" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“地方創生シンポジウム” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“Boiling Mind” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“丸の内プラチナ大学・逆参勤交代コース【長崎県壱岐市】” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“丸の内プラチナ大学・逆参勤交代コース【埼玉県秩父市】” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“丸の内プラチナ大学・逆参勤交代コース【北海道上士幌町】” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Seem” : Co-Cinematographer

“月光荘” : Editor

“KMD FORUM2019 Teaser” : Editor/Contitution

“IEEE WHC 2019 FinalCut Ver.” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“IEEE WHC 2019 digest” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“MagniFinger: Fingertip-mounted microscope for augmenting human perception” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Transfantome: Transformation Into Bodies of Various Scale and Structure in Multiple Spaces” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Superwelfare Sports Co-creation Project + 1min ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Superwelfare Sports Co-creation Project +” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“JPIC YOUTH Kenichiro Mogi ” : Streaming operator

“SETA 2nd Oneman live “塩こしょう少々 Vol.2” ” : Streaming operator

“あと1ミリ足りない人生 MV” : Cinematographer/Compositor/Director

“Hiraeth pre. EVEN IF THE SUNRISE vol.4” : Cinematographer/Editor/Director

“Bridal Video” : Cinematographer/Editor

“SETA Mini LIVE Streaming” : Streaming operator

“至高の紙を求めて -紙破り演奏家福井周一の挑戦-” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“TherModule Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Recipe of 「塩こしょう少々」” : Director/Constitution/Editor

SETA Oneman Live「塩こしょう少々」 Videos
“1stワンマンライブ ”塩こしょう少々” 第ニ部 ノーカット版” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“SETA「大人記念日」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「純愛マーチ」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「あと1mm足りない人生」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「卑怯者たち」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「火曜日の朝」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor


“SETA LIVE Digest MODI Ver.” : Editor/Constitution

“KMD Seredipity Series#6 Tesear” : Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“Shyu-Kyu Impact” : Director

“SETA LIVE Digest” : Co-Cinematographer/Editor/Constitution

“RAGE 2018 Summer Digest” : Co-Cinematographer/Editor/Constitution

“BANSOU Video Project” : Planner/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“渋谷民・未来創造プロジェクト Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Superhuman Sports GAMES2” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“JPIC YOUTH Sasaki×Yasuda Trailer” : Constitution/Editor

“JPIC YOUTH Sasaki×Yasuda” : Co-Cinematographer

“JPIC YOUTH Kishimi Ichirou” : Co-Cinematographer

“EC2018 Teaser” : Constitution/Editor

“best wishes to you” : Director/Screenplay/Cinematographer/Editor

“Haptic Exercise”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“LevioPole Video” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Musiarm Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Make-a-Face Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“ULTRA Superhuman Sports Co-creation Project”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Super welfare Sports Co-creation Project”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Super Baseball Co-creation Project”: Constituiton/Editor

“Insei Radio”: Collaboration with Pal


“KMDFORUM 2017 "KMD REMIX"”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“HaptI/O Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“KMDFORUM 2017 CM”: Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“Bride and Groom Profile Video 2017.10.28”: Co-Director

“Receipt Life 2017.9.1-9.30”

“Sli-De-Rift Video”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Meta Pot Video”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“MaruMaruBunko”: Head/Concept Design/Writer/Photographer

“Haptic Aid Video TEI Ver.”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“MetaLimbs Video” : Co-Cinematographer/Editor

“atmoSphere Video” : Co-Cinematographer

“A thousand words and a cry of the end” : Light Operator

Kick Can Series
“Kick Can Base” : Co-Creation
“Kick Can Head” : Co-Creation

“Trailer of 5th Memorial of Südaltental Music Award” : Constitution/Editor

5th Memorial of Südaltental Music Award Series
“for 2nd JCT .” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“Pay per Paper” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“Hotice” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“bonne odeur de douche” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“Duck Walk” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“One source of fire” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“KMD Memory Video 2017.3.28” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor


“Haptic Aid Video SIGGRAPH ASIA Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“STEP Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Projection Doors Promotion Video” : Cinematographer/Editor

KMD Channel Videos
“"Sabae City Project" Hyakuo Makino (Sabae City Mayor) × Masa Inakage (KMD)” : Editor
“Talk on KMD x Nabtesco Collaboration Project "Projection Doors"” : Editor

“Iwaki 2016.2.5” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“On The Train” : Director

“T-Frame” : Co-Director
“Konjac_TECHNE” : Co-Director
“Blur” : Co-Director
“OPEN” : Co-Director
“Pour”: Co-Director


“Projection Doors” : Research and Development

“Projection Doors :
Creators and Pedestrians Interactively Alter Architecture with Automatic Sliding Doors”

“Projection Doors Promotion Video ” : Cinematographer/Editor

“Someday” : Director/Screenplay/Editor

“Journey” : Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

“Hidden memory-Documentary of Performance 2014-”
: Director/Planner/Cinematographer/Editor


“Fukushima Voice” : Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer

“Trailer of Fukushima Voice” : Constitution/Editor

Fukushima Voice Related Works
“Fukushima Voice Tsukuba Screening Report” : Director/Constitution
“ Fukushima Voice Advertising program part1 @ USTREAM” : Director/Constitution
“ Fukushima Voice Advertising program part2 @ USTREAM” : Director/Constitution

“Signage Video of BNCT” : Director/Constitution/Editor

“Fortune Cookie in Love University of Tsukuba Ver.”
: Director(as Alan Smithee)/Cinematographer(as Kamon Ohba)/Editor(as Alan Smithee)


“IMAGINE THE FUTURE 2013 Ver.” : Planning/Production

“ITF Ending Animation” : Director/Animator


“IMAGINE THE FUTURE 2012 Ver.” : Shooting Staff

“Crack of Green” : Collaborative Production

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