Shun Arima


Keio University Graduate School of Media Design
Ph.D. Program

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design
Master’s Program

University of Tsukuba
School of Art and Design Program in Communication Art and Design
Plastic Art and Mixed Media


“至高の紙を求めて -紙破り演奏家福井周一の挑戦-”
ディスカバ流アワード 発見!となりのサピエンス グランプリ

“どうぞ、良いお年を/best wishes to you”
第4回富士 湖畔の映画祭 スペシャルセレクション部門
第24回学生CGコンテスト エンターテインメント部門ノミネート

“LevioPole Video”
EC2018 ベストビデオ賞

“Pay per Paper”
第27回紙わざ大賞 平和紙業賞


“MetaLimbs Video”
Video Production



"Re-Design Classroom into MOOC-like Content With
Remote Face-to-Face Sessions During the COVID-19 Pandemic:
A Case Study in Graduate School"

Arima, S.; Yasui, M.; and Okawa, K. (2021)
In Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Learning@ Scale (pp. 299-302).

“Daisuke Uriu: Designing for Memorialization, Commemoration, and Remembrance” : Cinematographer/Editor

"Design and Practice of ESD in High School in Japan through Online Video Co-creation Workshop"
Arima, S.; Assilmia, F.; Maekawa, M. and Okawa, K. (2021)
In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Education - Volume 1: CSEDU,
ISBN 978-989-758-502-9; ISSN 2184-5026, pages 640-647.

“トークイベント開催後のお土産サービスTalk clip boxのデザイン"
有馬 俊、佐藤 千尋、大川 恵子(2021)
サービス学会第9回国内大会 口頭発表

古島 海、有馬 俊、佐藤 千尋、山内 正人(2021)
サービス学会第9回国内大会 口頭発表

“Talk Clip Box” : Concept Design


“FutureLearn Methodologies for Service Design” : Line Producer/Video Production

“Tsukumoscope” : Concept Design

“BRIDGE TERMINAl Digest Video” : Director

M50 final video : Construction/Editor

Blockchain Hub PV : Director

“三菱総研50周年記念フォーラム OP/ Intermission/ED” : Director

“三菱総合研究所・熱中小学校共催セミナー「新ワーケーション論」 ダイジェスト” : Construction/Editor

“Plane-Gazing Agorá:
Design for Building a Community at The Airport Observation Deck
Through Photography Activities"

Arima, S., Sato, C., & Yamanouchi, M. (2020, July).
In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 529-537).
Springer, Cham.

“TELESAR VI Promotion Video” : Cinematographer/Editor

“しかくい涙MV” : Director

“片道の夜行バスMV” : Director

"Plane Gazing Agorá Concept Video" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

"Zabuton Concept Video" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“FutureLearn Aging Populations: Lessons In Healthy Aging From Japan ” : B camera


WIMO Final 2019 Highlight (Tokyo, Japan) : Director/Co-Cinematographer/Editor

“KMD FORUM2019 OnAir” : General Director/General Producer

“Enhancing Educators' Social Presence in MOOCs: Design of Daily Video Blog"
Arima, S., Miyakita, G., Yasui, M., & Okawa, K. (2019, October).
In 2019 IEEE Learning With MOOCS, LWMOOCS 2019 (pp. 36-41).
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..
“Exploring digital cultural heritage beyond moocs: Design, use, and efficiency of generous interfaces"
Miyakita, G., Arima, S., Yasui, M., & Okawa, K. (2019, October).
In 2019 IEEE Learning With MOOCS, LWMOOCS 2019 (pp. 42-46).
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..

OWN Concept Video : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

M50 video : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

"HaptipleVideo" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

"JST ACCEL「身体性メディアプロジェクト」成果報告Symposium & Exhibition" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“地方創生シンポジウム” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“Boiling Mind” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“丸の内プラチナ大学・逆参勤交代コース【長崎県壱岐市】” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“丸の内プラチナ大学・逆参勤交代コース【埼玉県秩父市】” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“丸の内プラチナ大学・逆参勤交代コース【北海道上士幌町】” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Seem” : Co-Cinematographer

“月光荘” : Editor

“KMD FORUM2019 Teaser” : Editor/Contitution

“IEEE WHC 2019 FinalCut Ver.” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“IEEE WHC 2019 digest” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“MagniFinger: Fingertip-mounted microscope for augmenting human perception” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Transfantome: Transformation Into Bodies of Various Scale and Structure in Multiple Spaces” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Superwelfare Sports Co-creation Project + 1min ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Superwelfare Sports Co-creation Project +” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“JPIC YOUTH Kenichiro Mogi ” : Streaming operator

“SETA 2nd Oneman live “塩こしょう少々 Vol.2” ” : Streaming operator

“あと1ミリ足りない人生 MV” : Cinematographer/Compositor/Director

“Hiraeth pre. EVEN IF THE SUNRISE vol.4” : Cinematographer/Editor/Director

“Bridal Video” : Cinematographer/Editor

“SETA Mini LIVE Streaming” : Streaming operator

“至高の紙を求めて -紙破り演奏家福井周一の挑戦-” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“TherModule Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Recipe of 「塩こしょう少々」” : Director/Constitution/Editor

SETA Oneman Live「塩こしょう少々」 Videos
“1stワンマンライブ ”塩こしょう少々” 第ニ部 ノーカット版” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“SETA「大人記念日」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「純愛マーチ」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「あと1mm足りない人生」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「卑怯者たち」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“「火曜日の朝」LIVE Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor


“SETA LIVE Digest MODI Ver.” : Editor/Constitution

“KMD Seredipity Series#6 Tesear” : Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“Shyu-Kyu Impact” : Director

“SETA LIVE Digest” : Co-Cinematographer/Editor/Constitution

“RAGE 2018 Summer Digest” : Co-Cinematographer/Editor/Constitution

“BANSOU Video Project” : Planner/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“渋谷民・未来創造プロジェクト Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Superhuman Sports GAMES2” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“JPIC YOUTH Sasaki×Yasuda Trailer” : Constitution/Editor

“JPIC YOUTH Sasaki×Yasuda” : Co-Cinematographer

“JPIC YOUTH Kishimi Ichirou” : Co-Cinematographer

“EC2018 Teaser” : Constitution/Editor

“best wishes to you” : Director/Screenplay/Cinematographer/Editor

“Haptic Exercise”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“LevioPole Video” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Musiarm Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Make-a-Face Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“ULTRA Superhuman Sports Co-creation Project”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Super welfare Sports Co-creation Project”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Super Baseball Co-creation Project”: Constituiton/Editor

“Insei Radio”: Collaboration with Pal


“KMDFORUM 2017 "KMD REMIX"”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“HaptI/O Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“KMDFORUM 2017 CM”: Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“Bride and Groom Profile Video 2017.10.28”: Co-Director

“Receipt Life 2017.9.1-9.30”

“Sli-De-Rift Video”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Meta Pot Video”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“MaruMaruBunko”: Head/Concept Design/Writer/Photographer

“Haptic Aid Video TEI Ver.”: Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“MetaLimbs Video” : Co-Cinematographer/Editor

“atmoSphere Video” : Co-Cinematographer

“A thousand words and a cry of the end” : Light Operator

Kick Can Series
“Kick Can Base” : Co-Creation
“Kick Can Head” : Co-Creation

“Trailer of 5th Memorial of Südaltental Music Award” : Constitution/Editor

5th Memorial of Südaltental Music Award Series
“for 2nd JCT .” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“Pay per Paper” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“Hotice” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“bonne odeur de douche” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“Duck Walk” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
“One source of fire” : Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“KMD Memory Video 2017.3.28” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor


“Haptic Aid Video SIGGRAPH ASIA Ver.” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“STEP Video” : Director/Cinematographer/Editor

“Projection Doors Promotion Video” : Cinematographer/Editor

KMD Channel Videos
“"Sabae City Project" Hyakuo Makino (Sabae City Mayor) × Masa Inakage (KMD)” : Editor
“Talk on KMD x Nabtesco Collaboration Project "Projection Doors"” : Editor

“Iwaki 2016.2.5” : Co-Cinematographer/Constitution/Editor

“On The Train” : Director

“T-Frame” : Co-Director
“Konjac_TECHNE” : Co-Director
“Blur” : Co-Director
“OPEN” : Co-Director
“Pour”: Co-Director


“Projection Doors” : Research and Development

“Projection Doors :
Creators and Pedestrians Interactively Alter Architecture with Automatic Sliding Doors”

“Projection Doors Promotion Video ” : Cinematographer/Editor

“Someday” : Director/Screenplay/Editor

“Journey” : Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

“Hidden memory-Documentary of Performance 2014-”
: Director/Planner/Cinematographer/Editor


“Fukushima Voice” : Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer

“Trailer of Fukushima Voice” : Constitution/Editor

Fukushima Voice Related Works
“Fukushima Voice Tsukuba Screening Report” : Director/Constitution
“ Fukushima Voice Advertising program part1 @ USTREAM” : Director/Constitution
“ Fukushima Voice Advertising program part2 @ USTREAM” : Director/Constitution

“Signage Video of BNCT” : Director/Constitution/Editor

“Fortune Cookie in Love University of Tsukuba Ver.”
: Director(as Alan Smithee)/Cinematographer(as Kamon Ohba)/Editor(as Alan Smithee)


“IMAGINE THE FUTURE 2013 Ver.” : Planning/Production

“ITF Ending Animation” : Director/Animator


“IMAGINE THE FUTURE 2012 Ver.” : Shooting Staff

“Crack of Green” : Collaborative Production

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